Are there any limitations to plugging my DEWALT® Jobsite WiFi Access Point into a 3rd party router?

Published Jan 10, 2018 7:45 PM | Updated Feb 2, 2018 4:25 PM

DEWALT does not limit access to any specific third party routers. Generally, the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system can work in partnership with many of the WiFi systems you see in a typical jobsite office. For example, you can set up another networking system in the office and make the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system a sub-network/logical extension for deployment in the field. All of your settings - including the broadcast ID and password - will remain the same from the office throughout the jobsite. However, you may experience some issues if your company’s IT team has certain network limitations in place, including firewalls, port blockers, or login portals.
If you have a company-managed IT system in the jobsite or if your DEWALT WiFi Access Point is having difficulty connecting to the internet, contact your company’s IT group to investigate options - which may include opening ports or updating firewall settings. For more information on integration with existing systems, check out How does the DEWALT Jobsite WiFi system work with my existing IT system?

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